Why I'm Involved

Many MSV tenants are actively engaged with us, through Scrutiny Panels, Mystery Shopping, Resident Groups, Community Hubs, volunteering and more. Here are some quotes from our tenants about why they are involved...

Over the past 20 years or so, I have been involved in many different areas with St. Vincent's and then MSV. Whether it has been reviewing complaints, policies and procedures, scrutiny or being a member of the Tenant forum, I have always felt whatever the group has discussed, our views have always been listened to. We feel that we are making a difference and our input helps to shape the future of the way things are run. This comes through working with the staff and both sides being open to the others views. It also gives you a greater insight into the difficulties staff face each and every day.

The social side of it cannot be ignored. I have always found both staff and other tenants to be friendly and welcoming. Okay, you may not get on with everyone, but that's life. I’ve also met lots of people from other housing associations and all our issues are the same, but more often than not theirs are much worse. I usually come away from events thinking, “ I am glad that I don’t live in one of their properties.”
The main thing is, that I can be involved as little or as much as I like. It all makes a difference.

- Lynn W

Thank you for holding an MSV - Nibbles ’n’ Natter meeting in Clitheroe recently, it was very well attended and the written feedback on issues and outcomes from MSV clearly shows the meeting was a success. Years ago, I got involved in an MSV scrutiny group which was welcoming, informative and especially enjoyable this then led to setting up a localised Residents Group all with the help and step by step guidance from MSV. For anyone considering getting involved in any of MSV’s various focus/monitoring or starting a residential group, I would say that here’s your chance to help direct what happens next…
“what gets monitored, gets done”!

- John D

It was a pleasure to attend a recent meeting, from walking into the door I was made to feel welcome by all members of the staff and their volunteer Scrutiny Panel members. It was very interesting to hear how they conduct the panel and especially how they collate the information and to whom it is passed onto then finally they get to hear what action is being taken and the outcomes. I do feel that a lot was learnt by the MSV contingent. I look forward to further communication / meetings with them.

- Linsey B

On behalf of Sensation Family. I would like to take this time out to thank you for sponsoring our T-shirt Troupe for the Manchester Carnival 2023. We are pleased to work with MSV at future events.

- Estelle F

As Chair of the Scrutiny Panel I must say it's a positive step from MSV. As a long standing tenant of MSV I've seen the many changes first hand and with all negatives and positives I feel having the tenants voice and engagement in decision making and change implementation key, however this will only be effective if the changes are implemented, monitored and reviewed over time. I'm happy to represent the views, voices and demands of MSV tenant's "MSV tenant's more than bricks and mortar"

- Thirza

I'm a new member of our resident group, I just want to say how much we all appreciated the Winter Cheer Bags, how thoughtful it was and all items were very useful.

- Elaine H