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We are a social landlord with a big heart.

We manage and build affordable homes for people who need them and support communities across the North West.
From us, you can expect a home which is safe, secure and warm.

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We offer brand new spacious, warm and beautifully designed homes.

MSV homes are available on a range of shared ownership and rent to buy options across the North West via our SnugBug website.

Visit our SnugBug website for shared ownership homes

If you are already a Shared Owner and would like more information about Staircasing, please follow the link here

For more information, please contact our Growth Team on

We provide supported housing to vulnerable people across 17 different Local Authorities in Greater Manchester.

If you or someone you know would like more information on supported housing, please find out more here or email us on

We provide a wide range of housing designed to specifically meet the needs of older people.

Our apartments and purpose-designed and built homes offer independent living for people older than 55, including people living with a disability.

Our properties are available in:

  • Bolton
  • Manchester
  • Salford
  • Rochdale
  • Longridge
  • Warrington

In some circumstances we accept people under 60 years old, so please enquire and find out more here.


We provide safe and secure homes for young people aged between 16 and 25, for up to two years.

We also offer support to enable young people independence and the support to take up their own tenancy or University place.

We have two Foyers, one in the Lancashire town of Blackburn and the other in the heart of Manchester's student quarter, Hulme.

Find out more about our fantastic young people’s services here

We have a limited number of properties available on a rent to buy basis on RightMove.

To view the properties we have available for rent, please visit our listings on Rightmove.
If there are no properties currently listed, please check back soon.

Mutual Exchange is for social housing tenants in a rented property who want to swop their house or flat.

If you currently live in an MSV property you are eligible for the House Exchange scheme.

As an MSV Housing tenant, you are entitled to free membership on the House Exchange website. Simply register on the House Exchange website and you will receive possible matches by email or text message.

If you have found another tenant you wish to exchange with you will need to contact your Neighbourhood Officer who will explain the process.

Visit the House Exchange website or read this leaflet for more information

You can read our mutual exchange policy here



MSV Housing does not hold a transfer list, any tenants requiring a move will have to apply through their local choice-based lettings (CBL). 

However, where there is an urgent housing need we will do management moves as follows: 

  • Urgent medical – This will need to be backed up with evidence from medical professionals such as consultant or occupational therapist. (Doctors letter will not be sufficient)
  • Threat of violence – e.g. Domestic Abuse cases. (Requires evidence from professionals/agencies working with the individual and or Police reports.)
  • Serious harassment/ASB – This will need to be backed up with evidence that no other options are available to resolve the ASB.

Please refer to our Community Safety pages for details on how to report hate crime, domestic abuse or anti-social behaviour.

In all cases management transfers will not be considered where:

  • The tenant has rent arrears.
  • The tenant owes the MSV Housing any other debt, i.e. a recharge/ court costs.
  • The tenant has not complied with the tenancy agreement in respect of maintaining the property internally, including decoration.
  • The tenant has caused nuisance within the previous 2 years.
  • The tenant has made any other significant breaches of tenancy.
  • The tenant has been in their current property less than 12 months, except in exceptional circumstances, as agreed with the neighbourhood manager/head of housing services.
  • The property is not in a ‘back to back let’ standard.

Exceptions may apply but must be referred to lettings manager/neighbourhood manager/head of housing services for consideration and approval. In the case of sheltered schemes, the sheltered housing manager will make this decision.

Have You Thought About Rightsizing?

Rightsizing is the process of understanding how you live in your home, uncluttering your life, and then moving to a new space (often smaller than your previous one) in which you can fully utilise each room, reduce your monthly outgoings, improve your health and wellbeing and increase social connections.

To make things easier for you if you choose to move house, MSV offer services to help:-

MSV's Helping Hands Service

We offer a dedicated officer with support service tailor made to our customer requirements such as decluttering and transferring services to your new address.

Flourish Homes Removal Service

We have partnered with a specialist removal firm to assist with packing and removals and will support residents with an individual moving plan.

Find out more here...