Mutual Exchange

Mutual Exchange is a scheme which enables social housing tenants in a rented property to swap their home with another social housing tenant. This is called the House Exchange scheme.

If you are a tenant of MSV currently living in an MSV home you are eligible for the House Exchange scheme.

MSV tenants are entitled to free membership of the House Exchange scheme which matches social housing tenants who are interested in swapping homes.

House Exchange helps thousands of people right across the UK to find their perfect home. Simply register on the House Exchange website and you will receive possible matches by email or text message.

Visit the House Exchange website or read this leaflet for more information.


A mutual exchange is a great method for social housing tenants to find a move by swapping homes with another Social Housing household.

You can swap homes provided you are eligible for a mutual exchange and all parties wish to swap.

This depends on a number of things and you can check this with your Neighbourhood Officer. 

Some things which may mean you are not eligible are:-

  • Still in 12-month probationary period of your tenancy
  • You have an Assured Shorthold Tenancy
  • You have rent arrears
  • You have caused anti-social behaviour

This list is not exhaustive so please check with us.

If you are an MSV Housing tenant you can register for free on House Exchange. 

With this service you advertise your home online and match with others looking to exchange and find swaps right across the UK.

Head to to register.

There are also various social media platforms which advertise Homeswaps. These can be on Facebook or other social media platforms. Please ensure these are legitimate before joining any groups.

Please note MSV Housing do not use Homeswapper this is another online swapping service. You can still join this but this will be something you would pay for yourself.


Head to and click on “join now”

You will need the following details to create your account

  • Name and contact details
  • Current address, property information and ensure you select MSV Housing as your landlord
  • An idea of where you want to live (this can be anywhere in the UK)
  • You can also add photos and plenty of details to your property advert the more information the better. Try and make your advert stand out

The information you have entered will come to MSV Housing Lettings Team who will then check and verify the information.

If there is anything wrong or you do not qualify we will email you with the details.

Once we have verified your information you will then be able to look for matches. Keep active and regularly log into your House exchange account.

Check your messages and even if you are not interested in their property its important to send a polite message to people.

If you see a property you are interested in send a message to get the conversation started.

It is the responsibility of tenants to view each other’s properties and agree if they want to go ahead with an exchange.

You would need to contact MSV Housing and speak with your Neighbourhood Officer. 

You can check who your Neighbourhood Officer is on our website and either email them or ring them. 

You and the person you wish to swap with will then need to complete a Mutual Exchange application form. You must have the consent of all Landlords involved before an exchange can take place.

Once we receive your application we will send letters to all parties confirming receipt of the application.

MSV Housing will aim to make a decision within 42 days of receiving all application forms if an exchange can go ahead.

MSV Housing needs to carry out various checks on all tenants wishing to exchange and this includes checks with the exchanging social housing landlord. 

We must verify that people meet the criteria for the property, that they have the legal status within the UK to rent a property as well as checking that they have not breached their current tenancy such as rent arrears.

Once we have done those checks we will arrange to inspect your property and the other landlord will inspect their tenant’s property. 

If both properties belong to MSV Housing we would inspect both properties. 

If there is any tenant damage to the property we will write to you and ask that you repair this damage before the exchange can go ahead.

Once all checks have been carried out we will write to you with the final decision if the exchange can go ahead we will liaise with all parties to agree a date for the exchange and signing of the legal documents which much be signed by all parties. 

We will arrange for a gas and electric check of the MSV property and provide all the certification to the incoming tenant. Along with an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC).

It is the responsibility of the tenant to arrange removals and exchange of keys with the other tenant. 

No monies should be paid between parties for a mutual exchange.

There are a number of reasons this could happen. 

It may be the other tenant you are exchanging with have rent arrears etc. 

We will always write to you with the decision and explain the reasons why the exchange can not go ahead.

You can change your mind at any time during the 42 days up to the signing of the Licence to assign. 

If you change your mind during this time you must let the other tenant know and inform MSV Housing that you no longer wish to go ahead with the exchange. 

Once the paperwork is signed these are legally binding documents and you can not change your mind after this time.


If you have found another tenant you wish to exchange homes with

You will need to contact your Neighbourhood Officer who will guide you through the process.

Find out who your Neighbourhood Officer is or give us a ring and speak to the service centre on 0161 226 4211. 

Mutual Exchange Policy

MSV's Mutual Exchange Policy

Mutual Exchange Leaflet

Read our Mutual Exchange leaflet here or download it at the bottom of this page

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