Scrutiny panel

Scrutiny members review our performance and services

MSV’s Scrutiny panel is made up of customers of MSV. Members review our performance, strategies, policies, and services

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The Scrutiny Panel reviews different elements of MSV, for example, repairs, complaints, customer service, and newsletters.  To do this, panel members may observe colleagues, speak to other customers, review complaints, and interview colleagues. They then make recommendations and suggest actions for us to improve the service.

The group challenges what we do, ensuring that:

  • We meet customers' needs
  • Ensure Value for Money at all times
  • Ensure feedback is reported to the board and MSV committees

Personal qualities and skills required to become a scrutiny member:

  • Good concentration
  • A good listener
  • Tactful and diplomatic
  • Able to share skills
  • Professional and open-minded
  • Respect confidential information
  • Able to analyse written information

To become a scrutiny member please contact the Customer Voice and Influence Team at

Complaints Process 2024

On 9th May the panel will be doing a deep dive into MSV's complaints process; looking at all relevant policies and procedures and meeting with the complaints team. A comprehensive list of recommendation on how to improve the service will follow.

Scrutiny Report – Tenancy Audit, Nov 2023

This report summarises the review and recommendations from MSV’s Scrutiny panel of our Tenancy Audit process from August to October 2023.

Scrutiny Report – Repairs, July 2023

Customer volunteers from MSV’s Scrutiny panel reviewed our repair service from October 2022 to February 2023. This report provides a summary of the review and recommendations based on the findings.