Scrutiny panels


Scrutiny members review our performance and services

Join our pool of Scruitny Panel members. Sign up for the service you want to analyse.

Scrutiny Panel review different elements of MSV, e.g. repairs, complaints, customer service. To do this they may observe colleagues, speak to customers, review complaints and interview staff. They then make recommendations and suggest actions for us to improve the service.

The group challenges what we do, ensuring that:

  • We meet customers needs
  • Ensure Value for Money at all times
  • Ensure feedback is reported to board and MSV committees

Personal qualities and skills required to become a scrutiny member:

  • Good concentration
  • A good listener
  • Tactful and diplomatic
  • Able to share skills
  • Professional and open-minded
  • Respect confidential information
  • Able to analyse written information

To become a scrutiny member please contact the Community Projects Team at