Rightsizing Your Life

Have You Thought About Rightsizing?

Rightsizing is the process of understanding how you live in your home, uncluttering your life, and then moving to a new space (often smaller than your previous one) in which you can fully utilise each room, reduce your monthly outgoings, improve your health and wellbeing and increase social connections.

While household sizes have been shrinking over the past several decades, the space we occupy has been increasing. Surprisingly, only about 30 percent of a home’s space is used 90 percent of the time. The majority of time people spend in their homes is in one of three rooms: the kitchen, the living room or the bedroom.

Benefits of Rightsizing

The benefits of rightsizing reach far beyond clearing years of clutter out of your home and life. Many people choose to rightsize for retirement when they’re no longer working a full-time job and have the energy to unclutter their lives. In addition to the benefits above, rightsizing your home and moving to a smaller space can save you money.

Many homes in the UK were built in the pre and postwar years and require real investment to make them energy efficient and accessible if mobility becomes an issue. But with a UK Housing Crisis, these homes are suitable for young families and could unlock the housing market. Rightsizing could actually be helping your own family members to get on the housing ladder.

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