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Right to Buy

Can I buy my home?

Preserved Right To Buy

Most Housing Association tenants do not have the Right to Buy. However, if you were a council tenant with a secure tenancy at the time your home was transferred to either Mosscare Housing Group or St Vincents Housing Association, you may have the Preserved Right to Buy. Find out more on the Government website.

There are many things to consider when it comes to purchasing a property. One of the most important for you will be the value. Mosscare St Vincent’s Housing Group will not know the value of your property. However, websites like Zoopla or Rightmove allow access to see what properties were sold for. In some cases, they will even give an approximate value for your property based upon the postcode. Please note that Zoopla is not exact, prices may go up or down and the value of your will be decided by an independent RICS surveyor.

Once you have an idea of the value, you will need to consider how will you fund the purchase? What are your reasons for buying? How will you pay for ongoing repairs and maintenance? Is it sustainable for you to purchase the property you live in?

Most people use a mortgage (a loan from a bank or building society) to pay for their home.

There are many different kinds to choose from and you should shop around and look on comparison websites to get the best deal for you. An independent financial adviser can help you consider all the options.

If you take out a mortgage and you cannot keep up the repayments, your home may be repossessed and you could be homeless.

If this happens you will not be entitled to emergency housing and will be considered a low priority on a housing association or local authority waiting list. As an owner-occupier, you will not be able to claim Housing Benefit towards the cost of mortgage payments.

If you wish to exercise your Right to Buy, please complete an application form. You will need to print the form, sign in all relevant sections and take or send it by recorded delivery to us. Keep a copy of the completed form. Before we process your application, we will also need sight of two forms of identification, one of which needs be photographic such as your driving license or passport. The second should be a current utility bill.

If you wish to contact to a member of the sales staff at MSV Housing, please email your query to Buy@msvhousing.co.uk

Voluntary Right To Buy (VRTB)

Voluntary Right To Buy was part of the Conservatives manifesto in 2015 to extend the Right To Buy, which currently applies to Council Housing, to Housing Associations. Clearly this has large impacts on the Housing Associations and on their customers.

Since 2015, legislation has been passed, and one pilot has been run to test certain aspects of VRTB with another ongoing pilot.

Mosscare St Vincent’s Housing Group has not been involved with these pilots. We do not know when, or if, the VRTB will launch and therefore, we are not keeping a list of interested applicants.

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