We are Mosscare St Vincent’s Housing Group

We are Mosscare St Vincent's Housing Group - or MSV for short, a social landlord working across the Northwest of England. 

We own and manage almost 9,000 homes in Greater Manchester, Lancashire and West Yorkshire. 

Our ethos and values place us right at the heart of communities, working with customers to deliver excellent landlord services and provide customers with a warm, safe home. 

Keeping people safe is the most important thing we do!

We also focus on ensuring the customer voice is at the heart of a strong viable business. Engaging with customers and co-creating services means we can deliver a range of homes and services designed to meet the needs of a wide range of customers.

Our corporate strategy ‘The MSV Way’ commits to investing in People, Place and Performance with a focus on our Customer Promise "Healthy Homes and Fair and Friendly Services". The consumer standards for social housing provide the framework for MSV to ensure we are delivering high quality services with clear pathways for customers to be involved and provide feedback on those services.  

As well as a large range of family and single persons’ homes, we specialise in providing a safe and secure home for many marginalised people; for example, our Foyers for young people in Manchester and Blackburn and our schemes for care leavers, our Later Living schemes for the Over 55's and HAPPi schemes designed specifically for older people, supported housing for those with specific circumstances, and specialist housing for homeless and rough sleepers. This is in addition to the modern sought-after properties we build for people across the North-west.


Consumer Standards 

The Regulator of Social Housing (RSH) set out new standards for social housing landlords to follow from 1st April 2024. The new consumer standards are designed to help ensure that social housing landlords provide tenants greater rights and protections. They help to improve the quality of social housing and the service tenants receive overall.

Information on the consumer standards and MSV's plans to meet them can be found here.



Our strategic priorities – The MSV Way

For more information on MSV's values and strategic priorities over the next two years, please read The MSV Way