Replacement/Repairs Programme

Capital Investment is work that MSV plans for in advance.  Our replacement / repairs programme includes replacing internal and external components of our properties and communal areas.

Our aim is to ensure that all of our customers live in well maintained and comfortable homes, and every year we invest in a variety of Capital Investment projects spending in the region of £6million per year.

Examples of Capital Investment replacement items and estimated life cycles are detailed below:


Estimated life cycle replacement in years

Main roof covering

60 – 80

Entrance Doors










Radiators and Pipework


What replacements/repairs are planned for this year?

This financial year we are planning on carrying out a number of projects across our properties at a cost of over £6 million.

The main projects we are planning to undertake this year include:

  • Replacement kitchens including associated electrical works
  • Replacement bathrooms including associated electrical works
  • Replacement windows and doors
  • Replacement roof coverings
  • Boiler replacements
  • 1 Passenger Lift replacement
  • 6 Warden call renewals
  • 2 complete fire alarm renewals
  • Improved energy efficient works

Will I be notified?

When carrying out Capital Replacement Works we will notify customers in advance. If we plan to carry out any work to your home, you will receive letters from us beforehand, informing you of the planned work.

Value for money

Our procurement process is robust and all contractors are selected carefully. Not only are contracts selected based on the contract value but also on their ability to deliver the high quality work we expect. This ensures that every pound of your rent committed to improvements is spent wisely.

What if my home is not included in the programme?

If you think one of the major components in your home is due for replacement you can submit a request for an assessment to be made. Based on survey information we currently hold we will confirm when we believe the component is due for renewal.

For more information please email us at