Report a Repair

We offer a flexible repairs service, which includes a two hour appointment in an am or pm slot. 

We aim to complete all repairs within a set timescale - for more information on those timescales, and which repairs you are responsible for carrying out yourself, download our handy guide.

If you have a repair to report you can:

  • call us on the repairs hotline 0345 606 6565 between 9am and 5pm (only call this number between 5pm and 9am if your repair is an emergency)
  • use our online repair request form
  • call into our office
  • send us a letter
  • report a repair by text - please text REPAIR followed by details to 07539 707707 ( you must already be signed up to our texting service – if you are not, and would like to join text JOIN with your name and address to the same number , but please wait for us to confirm your details before you start to use the service)


There will be times when you will be expected to pay for repairs that you have asked us to carry out on your behalf. Please refer to our handy guide to recharges for a full list of those repairs.

Need an Odd Job Doing?

For our customers we have an extra service available to help you care for your home.  Our Technician will visit your home and carry out any odd jobs which you would like doing, these are not covered under the normal repairs service. 

An example of the types of jobs covered under this service are:-

  • Hanging interior doors
  • Putting up shelves
  • Painting a feature wall

For people over 55 or those with a disability we do not charge for our handyman service.

For other tenants the service costs £5 per half an hour plus VAT and materials. [Please note that the service is for a maximum time of 2 hours.]

To book your job, give us a call on 0345 606 6565 or fill in our online form.

Reporting repairs

You can report a repair by:

Emergency repairs

If you have an emergency repair needed please call us so we can get all the details we need. We have an out of hours service on the repairs lines. 

For a gas leak call 0800 111 999

If you have no electricity call 0800 195 4141

For a water leak call 0845 746 2200

Responsibility for repairs

If you have a communal area make sure report repairs there too. These might include broken lights or blocked drains. You can report these in the same way as a normal repair. 

For information about who is responsible for what repairs, read our information leaflet.