Community Environmental Fund

Mossbank’s Community and Environmental Fund is delivering key projects on estates in Stockport.

Priorities for the Community Fund are: community hubs, allotments, food growing schemes, local enterprise schemes, creating training and job opportunities and developing relationships with food banks.

The main purpose of the fund is to improve quality of life for our residents but projects should also aim to have an impact on the wider community to benefit residents of other tenures.

Is my project suitable?

A primary aim is to set up projects which would go on to sustain themselves and provide a return on investment so the fund continues to support communities after the initial fund has finished. We would also expect projects to take action to access external grants to offer match funding for the investement we provide.

Projects must be relevant to the estates where Mossbank operates and meet at least one of the following criteria:

  1. Be a physical improvement to the environment
  2. Benefit the local community or bring it together (community cohesion)
  3. Promote sustainability
  4. Promote economic growth 
  5. Have a positive impact upon the carbon footprint of our communities, eg: support the green agenda.

We are keen that projects meet the needs of local communities and that there is community support for the proposal.

Projects must display positive outcomes in terms of social value. This could be in the form of training or apprenticeship opportunities, an improvement in health and wellbeing or empowering residents and giving them the skills to take the lead in their community.

Projects for 2014-15 (Phase 1)

We consulted many households in 2014 and are pleased to have found residents willing to be involved and to develop themselves through training and education programmes. As a result of a consultation and through our partnership with Stockport Council and other housing providers we have a number of projects now being developed. Details of these projects are below.

To get involved or to suggest a new project, please contact Vicky Nield on 0161 474 8349 or at