Gas servicing

The majority of our homes have some form of gas appliance installed and MSV is responsible for the annual gas safety check of the appliances owned and installed by us. 

We will ensure that:

  • Only Gas Safe registered engineers carry out work on at your property.  This maybe one of our in house engineers or one of our approved contractors.
  • We undertake an annual safety check and service on the gas pipework and landlord owned appliances.
  • Provide you with records of gas servicing and safety checks.

To do this we have a programme set up which is followed rigidly and runs throughout the year.  You can help this progress smoothly by undertaking the following

  • Allowing us prompt access to your home to carry out maintenance or safety checks on appliances and/or flues that we provide.
  • If you decide to install your own gas fire, permission must be obtained from us and any agreed works must be carried out by a competent Gas Safe registered engineer. Fitting a gas cooker does not require permission but should be fitted by a Gas Safe registered engineer
  • You must ensure that gas appliances you own are regularly maintained and checked by a Gas Safe registered installer, at least once every 12 months. If you are in any doubt about the safety of any gas equipment it should be turned off and not used until checked.

Failure to allow our engineer or contractor access to complete the annual gas safety checks is a breach of your tenancy agreement and will result in legal action.  This could result in us obtaining an injunction allowing us to force access or obtain possession of your home, any legal costs incurred will also be passed on to you.

If when undertaking the safety checks we find a gas appliance we suspect is unsafe or inadequately ventilated we will not allow you to use it.  In the event that this happens the engineer will explain why he is turning off the appliance and what will happen next.

To book or rearrange a gas service please call 0800 027 9771 or 0161 226 4211 or  0161 772 2120