Gas Safety

Smell Gas?

Ring National Grid - 0800 111 999

If you think you might have a gas leak in your home:

  • Don't smoke or strike matches
  • Put out any cigarettes or naked flames
  • Turn off the supply at the meter
  • Don't operate any electrical switches, mobile phones or doorbells in case they cause sparks


For more gas safety tips

  • Find out where your gas meter is and  how to turn it off in an emergency
  • Get a fireguard if there are young children in your home
  • Do not paint or adapt any gas fire or boiler case in your home
  • Do not tamper with any internal controls of a boiler
  • Do not dry cloths on or around the fire or boiler
  • Do not sleep in a room where there is a gas fire or back boiler unit installed
  • Do not block any air vents, this will shut out fresh air that your gas appliance needs to burn safely.
  • Do not install a ceiling fan in a room containing a fire without first obtaining permission