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Coronavirus Questions and Answers

We have produced the following advice in response to the recent outbreak of coronavirus in the UK.

The NHS has issued up-to-date medical advice on its website. For the latest information and guidance, visit

Q Do I need to tell my landlord if I am self-isolating or have been infected with coronavirus?

Yes, as we may have planned a visit and need to cancel it, for example, you had a home repair booked, gas service in or a housing or support officer coming to visit you. We will rearrange the appointment for a later date, once you are well again and the risk of the virus spreading has passed.

Q What should I do if my neighbour is infected?

As long as you are not in close contact, the risk should be minimal. NHS advice states that the virus can only survive a short time outside the body. Just make sure you wash your hands regularly and avoid close contact with anyone who is unwell.

Q If I am unwell in my house or flat, will you deep clean the property?

This won’t be necessary as the virus can only survive outside the body for a short time. As long as you follow medical guidance, remain isolated for as long as you are advised and avoid further contact with anyone who has the virus, the risks will be low.

Q Is it safe to visit your offices?

No. We have closed all of our offices until further notice. Please contact us by phone, email or the website.

Q Are you planning to cancel any events?

Yes, any events we have arranged will be cancelled, and rearranged at some point in the future.