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The Rob Ferguson fund is a programme that offers funds to individuals and groups working in MSV’s communities and neighbourhoods. This fund offers cash and direct support to initiatives that improve people's lives and the places where they live.

Eligibility criteria

Through MSV Housing Association, the Rob Ferguson Fund has been made available to individuals, constituted and non constituted groups working in MSV communities and neighbourhoods. This fund offers cash and direct support to initiatives that improve the health and wellbeing of people's lives and the places where they live. Projects must be delivered in the area identified and should be community led.

  •             Funding may not be applied for which would promote any religious or political cause.
  •             Funding may not be applied for which would go towards the general running costs, e.g. utility bills, maintenance and repair of assets, etc.
  •             Bidding organisations do not need to be constituted, but will need their own group account or nominate a recognised organisation e.g. (Church, Community Centre, School) to act as a banker.
  •             The grant must be spent within 12 months but the activities can continue afterwards.
  •             You can apply for Rob Ferguson Fund once within any 24 month period – this will be calculated from the date of your last successful funding application

What sorts of projects receive funding?

There have been some amazing projects taking place over the years, and we are open to your ideas…

  •              Green up where you live - this could range from growing your own food to creating a garden that’s worthy of a ‘Britain in Bloom’ award.
  •              Reaching out to the isolated and vulnerable - Like the elderly and young people living on their own.
  •              Improve safety in your neighbourhood through an activity for young people that releases their potential.
  •              Improve health - through things like armchair fitness classes, a community boot camp, a sports event or an outdoor pursuit.
  •              Bringing people together - it could be the old and young, it could be different community groups. The end result is the same. Building a stronger, happier, harmonious place for people to thrive
  •              Tackle poverty - You can cook & eat healthy on a budget.
  •              Get skills and improve individual capability.
  •              Improve life chances or peoples wellbeing.
  •              Step up through employment, entrepreneurship and training.

How much can I apply for?

We approve projects of up to £1,000. However if you have a project that requires more funding, this will be presented to our Funding Panel and will need to be discussed with the Community and Wellbeing Team. All applications will be assessed on individual merit.

What happens next?

Following receipt, applications will be assessed for eligibility against the criteria. We may contact you for additional information. Eligible projects will be required to complete a ‘Conditions of Acceptance’ form and once the project is complete, complete an ‘End of Fund’ form which will be monitored against your aims and objectives and promoted as good news for all MSV customers.

Contact us

For further information, help and assistance, please contact the Community and Wellbeing Project Team on 01204 794 951 or email:   


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