#WeCare - Kath told us how her life completely turned around after moving into our HAPPI Scheme

Before Kath moved into MSV’s HAPPI  scheme in Bury, Kath’s mental health had deteriorated and she described how she had been on the verge of a breakdown.  Kath had been living in nearby flats and was struggling to climb the 32 stairs with a knee injury.  She had tried to access social housing before but the waiting lists were long as she was not classed as ‘priority need’.

When Kath responded to an advertisement for Clarence Gardens she was thrilled to hear her application was successful.  Kath moved into her new apartment in April 2017 and from that moment she said:  “Life turned around like that and I came out of a deep anxiety.  I have had more visitors than ever before as it’s easier for them to access and everything is on one level and easy to look after.  I call it my ‘happy holiday home.'

 Kath enjoys spending time planting colourful pots on her spacious balcony.  She then turned her attention to the communal gardens at the scheme and was successful in applying for funding from MSV’s  Rob Ferguson Fund.

Kath is now planning to use the funding of £1000 to work with other residents and a gardener to transform the communal garden.  Kath said:  “green spaces are so important for people’s mental health and the gardens really bring everyone together”.

Kath has made many friends during her time at Clarence Gardens and is looking forward to her future there.  She said: “Every morning I look out of my window at the birds and views and think ‘I’m in heaven’.  I’ve got everything I need.”

Clarence Gardens was MSV’s first HAPPI scheme (Housing our Aging Population: Panel for Innovation Report) and opened in August 2016.  The scheme incorporates ten design principles including light, spacious interiors, green spaces and adaptable, ‘care ready’ design to meet the changing needs of elderly residents.


3rd August 2018

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