Our resident Edna celebrates her 102nd birthday with a surprise visit from Rochdale Mayor

Our lovely resident Edna celebrated her 102nd birthday this week with a surprise visit from the Rochdale Mayor, Councillor Mohammed Zaman

Edna has been a resident at Alice Ingham Court for almost 40 years, having moved in when the building was brand new in 1979.  Edna spoke of the wonderful  friends she has made whilst living there.  Edna’s advice for longevity is “to always be happy and friendly”.

Edna has been at Intermediate Care Centre, Tudor Court in recent months but hopes to be back at Alice Ingham Court soon. 

Paul Lavin, Scheme Manager at Alice Ingham Court said:

“Happy birthday to Edna, our longest tenant, who has been with us for the last 40 years. Up until January she has been totally independent, even doing all her own washing. When she comes home from Tudor Court we have arranged for her to have a downstairs flat, and we are all looking forward to her coming home again.”

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26th October 2018

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