Our colleague Nigel helped save a life - just a week after his first aid training

Nigel, Lead Technician, at the HIA had no idea that he would be putting his first aid training into practice within a week after his course!

Just 6 days after his training Nigel was on a weekend away when someone grabbed his arm and asked if he could help.  Nigel turned and saw a lady collapsed on the floor. 

Nigel sprang into action and with the various first aid measures and recent training flashing before him, assessed that the lady had suffered a head injury from falling onto the hard tiled floor.

Having found out that the ambulance was over 2 hours away he made her comfortable by supporting her head.  The lady started to convulse and go into shock after a time and Nigel chased the ambulance and tracked down a local security centre which had a defibrillator before the paramedics arrived. 

Nigel stayed until she was placed into the ambulance and the stall holders and her friends praised him for his quick thinking. 

Nigel said: “Without my recent First Aid Training I would not have been able to respond in such a confident and controlled manor so thank you!.”

26th September 2018

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