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Exciting Changes With MSV’s Executive Team 

We are delighted to announce that MSV has restructured its Executive Team, moving from the previous five roles to four to help streamline the business and bring an even greater focus on customers, growth and business strength.  The roles are; Group Chief Executive (Charlie Norman), Executive Director – Growth, Executive Director – Finance, and Executive Director – Customers.


On 1st October, Andy Gay joined Yvonne McDermott as a job-share partner as Executive Director – Growth.  Andy and Yvonne have been with MSV for a long time, and bring a wide range of complementary skills to this new working arrangement.   MSV fully supports flexibility and job-sharing arrangements at all levels within the business.  The team will continue its strong focus on building much needed new homes, continuing to transform the business and also to drive strategic asset management and regeneration. 


Helen Rourke started with MSV as Executive Director – Finance on Monday 7th October and has made a great start.    Helen, who brings a wealth of experience,  joined MSV from Manningham Housing Association and is a recent award winner at the Women in Housing Awards.


Finally, Matt Jones has accepted the role of Executive Director – Customers.  Matt will be starting with MSV on 18th November.  His role is very much focussed on the customer experience including responsive repairs, compliance, customer service and engagement, neighbourhoods and supported housing.

Matt was previously Managing Director at ForViva, with a very solid reputation within GM and in the sector and will bring a huge amount of experience, along with a genuine focus on customers and supporting the people he works with.  

Charlie Norman said; ‘MSV is in great shape, with an excellent board, great people and a strong sense of mission and purpose.  The MSV Way is all about doing the decent thing, building more homes people can afford, alleviating homelessness and poverty and helping as many people as possible to have a decent home and access to  life opportunities. I am thrilled we have been able to support the job-share opportunity and with our recent recruitment – as a strong team with a broad range of experience and skills, we will closely together with our colleagues and partners to ensure MSV goes from strength to strength.’

Yvonne said; “The recruitment, retention and advancement of women is a business imperative  for most organisations, and yet the shape and design of the work environment has been slow to change.  At MSV, we are consistently looking to push these boundaries, offering agile and flexible working to all staff at every level including job sharing which is about creating an environment that enables both men and women to thrive and succeed. I am therefore delighted to join my job share partner,  Andy Gay, to deliver Growth opportunities at MSV, addressing the housing needs of the most vulnerable in the Greater Manchester area and beyond.”

Andy said; “I am delighted to be joining Yvonne McDermott in this job share opportunity. A job share at this level is rare in the sector, yet reflects perfectly the MSV Way and ethos of the business. Providing agile and flexible working for all means we can retain talent and skills for the benefit of the business and our customers.” 

Helen said; “I’d like to say how positive, friendly and people-focussed the organisation is – all too often the values and vision are just words in a Corporate Plan.  Here it’s most definitely the real deal, and I’ve lost count of how many people have talked to me about the MSV Way, and with fantastic passion and belief.  There’s clearly a strong commitment to doing the best for our customers, and also to do the best for our teams and people.’

Matt said “Whilst working in the housing sector in Greater Manchester and beyond over a number of years, I have greatly admired the work of MSV for their true community focus across diverse communities, strong values and range of activities to improve life chances for those that require support. I am delighted to be appointed to this crucial role, working alongside colleagues and partners to deliver excellent services to customers and supporting the next stage of the MSV journey, whilst developing products and services that meet customer’s needs both now and in the future”.



MSV is a Manchester-based Housing Group with approx 9,000 homes across the North West.  Much of its stock is concentrated in Manchester, Stockport, Bolton, Rochdale, Ribble Valley, Tameside and Calderdale. 


Our values and pledges are set out in The MSV Way and you can see how we are performing against those pledges in the latest Annual Report 2018/19.


The Housing Group has specialist accommodation for young people through its Foyers, shared ownership and rent to buy through its SnugBug brand, 16 x 60+ developments for older people and small estates for families, and single people across the North West.  As a developing Housing Group, MSV is committed to building affordable homes for sale and shared ownership.

16th October 2019

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