It's World Mental Health Day - we are highlighting the positive impact 'Julie's Fund' has had on our young residents

It’s World Mental Health Day and we are highlighting the positive impact our fund ‘Julie’s Fund’ has had on vulnerable young people at our Foyers.  The fund has allowed us to raise over £17,000 so far to provide an emergency intervention counselling service for our young people, at a time when funding cuts are sadly still impacting mental health services and waiting lists.

MSV set up ‘Julie’s Fund’ in 2017, named after actor and social campaigner Julie Hesmondhalgh, a supporter of our Foyers since 2016.

£17,708 has been raised so far through fantastic fundraising events run by our colleagues, with support from our partners.  We are so grateful for all their efforts and support – thank you.

Many of our Foyer residents don’t have traditional family support networks - there may be a history of domestic violence, neglect, abuse and homelessness which has contributed to mental health issues.  So far 57 young people have been supported with the counselling service and we have seen some fantastic outcomes so far. 

One resident who benefitted from the service said: 

‘The counselling service has enabled me to address my on going bereavement and depression, without this support I doubt I would be mentally prepared to tackle future responsibilities such as maintaining my own tenancy or simply going about everyday life.’

Helen Walker, Assistant Foyer Manager, said:

 ‘It is hard to write in words the impact the counselling service has had on the young people that live in our Foyers but its something the Foyer teams see on a daily basis. The results are so clear to see, the young people who access the service are more happier, confident and ready for the next stage of there lives than ever before. Our young people come from the most complex difficult backgrounds and many struggle with managing their feelings and suffer from significant mental health issues. Before Julie’s fund was created, our young people would struggle whilst they waited not just months but up to a year to access a counselling service due to lack of mental health provision, this lead to young people’s mental health significantly deteriorating within this time.’

‘Lorraine our foyer counsellor offers residents the emotional support they most desperately need, at the time they need it.  She supports our young people when they feel most alone with their thoughts and helps them see that there is hope and most importantly that they are not alone’

If you would like to donate to this fantastic cause, you can visit the Just Giving page at:

10th October 2019

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