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Mr A is an MSV customer who is on Universal Credit and we were getting an Alternative Payment Arrangement (APA) for the rent.  Because he works part time and has flexible hours, every month we get a different amount of rent paid to us. The tenant didn’t realise that he had to top us his rent so he ended up going into rent arrears.


Our Money Management Officer visited him and explained this – his income was low so she applied for a Discretionary Housing Payment and he was awarded a lump sum of £500 and £30 a week until the end of January 2019. He was also struggling with his water bill and his washing machine was broken so he was going to the laundrette. Through speaking to United Utilities and using their Trust fund, we got his bill of £314 cleared, he got put on a basic tariff which cut his bill and they also gave him a washing machine.


If you are struggling, please get in touch, we can help.

13th December 2018

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