Andy's Apprenticeship Story

It’s National Apprentice Week and we are taking the opportunity to celebrate our talented apprentices!  We are proud to have been able to offer opportunities to 8 apprentices in the past 12 months, with 4 new starters joining us in the past week.

We met with Development Assistant Andy, who has been with us for 4 months supporting on the development of new homes in Greater Manchester, to hear more about his journey as an Apprentice at MSV.

Are you studying alongside working? If so tell us a bit more about that.

‘Whilst working at MSV I am due to start day release in March to begin a Surveying Technician Diploma - Residential Survey and Valuation course at the UCEM (University College of Estate Management)’.

What were you doing before the apprenticeship or what made you apply for this apprenticeship?

‘Prior to beginning my apprentice at MSV I worked as a delivery driver for Ocado and decided to take the choice to apply for this apprenticeship in order to learn new skills and begin a new long term career for myself and hopefully help do my part in building new homes for families and people in need.’

 What skills have you learnt that you can apply to your career in general?

‘So far the aspects I have enjoyed most have been taking part in meetings such as on-site progress meetings with site managers and contactors, design meetings with architects or meetings with MSV colleagues in team meetings or innovation panels meetings.’

 Have there been any particular highlights/challenges since you started? 

One of the unexpected challenges was when I took part in the St Antony’s School visit. During this visit myself and a team of MSV colleagues delivered a presentation to Years 10 and 11 about the housing Industry and the vast range of roles within it to try to encourage them to consider the opportunities such as apprenticeships on offer.’

 Would you recommend apprenticeships to others and if so why?

‘I would definitely recommend apprenticeships as an option to anyone considering their next step. This is because they offer the chance for on the job training and experience while also in some cases offering the chance to attend university or college in order to work towards a qualification simultaneously.’

4th February 2020

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