A Younger Voice in Greater Manchester

There was a greater turnout amongst young voters aged 18-24 during June’s general election.  The latest figures from the British Election Study suggest that over 60% of young people voted, the highest figure since 1992.  It’s a sign that times are changing and young people want to be heard.  Sadly, with an increase in youth homelessness and mental health issues in recent years there is still a lot to talk about. 

Earlier in the summer, Ryan, one of Mosscare St Vincent’s young residents at Manchester Foyer, talked of his own experiences of being involved in a Youth Council, suggesting it was something we might consider setting up for our own residents.  With social housing accounting for 1 in 4 homes in the city region it seemed the ideal opportunity to give young people a platform to express their views when in the past they may not have been heard.

Mosscare St  Vincent’s Housing Group are excited to be working alongside representatives from other Housing Associations in Greater Manchester to set up the first social housing Youth Council, with support from Youth Focus North West and GMCA.

Though still at the early planning stages, the aim is that the new Youth Council will feed into the Greater Manchester Youth Assembly, a diverse group made up of members from existing youth groups and the ten youth councils in Greater Manchester.  The Youth Assembly has received support and backing from recently elected Mayor Andy Burnham and it has been inspiring to see so many young people getting involved and initiating change. 

We will update soon with more details but please do get in touch with the Communications team if you would like to get involved in the project.

8th August 2017

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