Top up with Pension Credit

Monday, 01 February 2021

Money matters 

Are you getting what you’re entitled to? 

More than a million pensioners across the country aren’t claiming money they’re entitled to. Could you be one of them? In this article we look at the financial support available to people over state pension age.  

Top up with Pension Credit 

If you’re single and your weekly income, including your pension, is below £175.20, or below £268.50 if you’re in a couple, you might be entitled to a top-up by applying for Pension Credit.  

Almost 50,000 households eligible for Pension Credit across Greater Manchester are not claiming it, and the government is encouraging people to apply for it. 

The average amount received by those who are claiming is more than £60 a week. And it’s not just the additional weekly payment you could receive. People who get Pension Credit can also get a free TV licence, free dental treatment and eye tests, and possibly help with housing costs and heating bills in the colder months. 

To help further, if you apply for Pension Credit you may be able to get up to three months backdated payment from the day you were first entitled up to the date you apply. Some people have had as much as £1,000 in backdated payments. 

Even if you have savings, a private pension, or you own your own home, you could still be entitled to Pension Credit. 

Attendance Allowance 

If you need care to continue living independently in your home, you might be entitled to Attendance Allowance. It’s not means-tested but you must be over state pension age (currently 65 ½ ) and need what’s called ‘frequent attention’ from someone else during the day such as help with eating, washing and dressing. If you fulfil either the day or the night conditions, the maximum attendance allowance is currently £59.70 a week. If you fulfil both the day and the night conditions, it’s £89.15 a week. 

If you are living in one of our Extra Care schemes then you can get Attendance Allowance if you pay all your own fees (called self-funding). Otherwise, you cannot claim it. 

Council Tax Reduction 

If you live alone, your Council Tax should be reduced by 25%. Check if ‘reduction for single occupancy’ is shown on your bill. If it’s not, then tell your council and ask for it to be backdated to whenever you started living alone at your address. If you receive Pension Credit, then your Council Tax bill could be reduced further and, in some cases, there will be no Council Tax to pay. 

Find out more 

To find out if you’re eligible for support, please phone Money Management Team to find out more on 0161 226 4211We can help you fill in any applications with you over the phone. Alternatively, you can contact your local Citizen’s Advice service. 

Don’t miss out – check whether you can claim extra money that you’re entitled to.