Stephen Lawrence Day – 22 April

Thursday, 22 April 2021

Watch this powerful created by The Stephen Lawrence Day Foundation

Stephen Lawrence was a black British teenager born 13 September 1974 in Greenwich London. The 22nd April 2021 marks 28 years since he was brutally murdered (22 April 1993), in an unprovoked racially motivated attack by a gang of white youths.

His death went on to change the fabric of society and the policing as we see it, Stephen’s mother Doreen Lawrence became a powerful campaigner, forcing a public inquiry into the way police dealt with Stephen's murder.  An independent investigation into his death ‘The McPherson report’ published in 1999, found the Metropolitan Police was institutionally racist and mishandled their investigation.

Report findings made the Met Police institute major changes to all murder investigations. Doreen also launched the Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust in 1998 to promote equal opportunities for young people.

Doreen said “I want all our children and young people to feel inspired, be confident and have hope in their own future. We are building hope but there is more to do.”

April 22 is now considered Stephen Lawrence Day, an annual celebration of the life and legacy of the teenager. It is a day dedicated to Stephen's memory that also allows people to reflect upon the part we all play in creating a society in which everyone can flourish.