Rent and Service Charge Information

Monday, 15 February 2021

Our rents are set using a Government formula and for the rent year 2021/22 we will be increasing our rents by CPI plus 1% in line with the government formula, the same approach as we applied this year.

We do our best to keep rents and service charges as low as possible at MSV. But we need to be able to deliver services to standards that meet customer expectations with costs of delivering services increasing in the current climate.

In terms of rent money and how it is used, our priorities are maintaining and improving homes and building new homes. These priorities are unchanged but we know we need to invest more into our front-line services, including:-

  • Rent and Service Charge Information
  • Repairs – we are committed to improving the service as we know this is a top priority for you
  • Supporting customers and communities to bounce back in the aftermath of the pandemic
  • Investing in existing properties including kitchens, bathrooms and external improvement works
  • Installing more environmentally friendly heating systems that reduce costs to customers longer term
  • Supporting customers through changes to their circumstances in respect of benefits including universal credit claims and other areas where people may need additional support
  • Dealing with community safety issues and interventions that promote community cohesion and wellbeing

What about my service charges?

Service charges have been maintained at the same level for a number of years at MSV. Any increases proposed for the coming year are being phased to minimise the impact on customers as is the level of increase we are looking to apply. The reason for this increase is that service costs are increasing across a range of services and we need to reflect the costs of delivering services in our charges. Please note that service charges do not apply to all customers and where an increase does apply, charges will be eligible for housing benefit.

What will my new rent be?

Enclosed with this leaflet is the formal notification of your new weekly rent which takes effect on Monday 5th April 2021. If you pay a service charge, you will also receive a summary schedule detailing the new charges.

Need help or further information?

If you would like to discuss your rent or if you have any concerns about being able to make rent or service charge payments please contact us straight away. We have an experienced team that help with money. If you would like this information in another format or you wish to access our translation service, please get in touch.


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