Pen Pal Scheme for Tenants

Monday, 07 December 2020

As part of our Winter Welfare, we are rolling out the Pen Pal programme to all of our tenants and community members.

Now more than ever, reaching out to one another is an important part of ‘getting through this’. Social isolation can be daunting for some and difficult to manage.

The Pen Pal programme is designed to connect tenants across Greater Manchester and beyond, share their thoughts, memories, stories and help support one another. By connecting with others through the written word, we can lessen stress and anxiety, build strong relationships encouraging positivity.

Our Next Phase is involving local primary school children to take part and write to elderly residents within our schemes. Not only will this help build their English and grammar skills, most importantly, will bring a smile to those who need it most.

MSV Pen Pals is fast becoming popular not only with tenants but other GM Housing Provider partners are looking to use our programme as a Flag Ship to role out with their own tenants – MSV Leading the way… stronger together!

If you know someone who would like to take part/benefit from this opportunity, please email us at and we will send further details on how to get started.

Why writing a letter can mean so much ..

“The pen pal program means more to me than just writing a letter. Communication is the key, especially during these very strange times we are all experiencing. I have seen first-hand the impact the pandemic is having on our elderly, older people are frightened, worried and anxious. They are missing out on family life, friendships, hobbies and interests. One lady described her life to being like a prisoner in solitary confinement! Social isolation/loneliness is a significant health challenge. it has a more negative effect on wellbeing than obesity, lack of exercise or smoking 15 cigarettes a day. Writing a letter to simply say am thinking of you, will certainly make some one’s day or sending a postcard, will bring “a ray of sunshine to what may have been a cloudy day” Let’s give a big shout to the Pen Pal Program!” ~ Debbie Kinsella, Scheme Manager

“I joined the pen pal program because I am unable to make new friends face to face at the moment that’s why I joined. I received my first letter earlier this week” ~ Margaret, Alice Ingham Court

“Everybody needs to talk to someone, writing is the only way to connect with people at the minute” ~ Marjorie (pre-war PE retired teacher), Alice Ingham Court