New Consumer Standards for Social Housing

Wednesday, 20 March 2024


For more information on the consumer standards and MSV's plans to meet them, please click on the infographic below.

Important information for MSV tenants from April 1st, 2024 

The Government has introduced new Consumer Standards for social housing providers like MSV. These standards aim to ensure you have a safe, secure, and well-maintained home with clear communication and support from your landlord. 

What are the Consumer Standards? 

There are 4 key standards plus the Tenant Satisfaction Measures.

  1. Safety and Quality Standard: This ensures your home is safe, well-maintained, and meets basic needs for warmth, dryness, and functionality. MSV will conduct regular checks, handle repairs promptly, and keep you informed. 
  2. Transparency, Influence and Accountability Standard: MSV will treat you with respect, involve you in decisions, and be open about their performance. You'll have access to all tenancy information and a clear process for raising concerns. 
  3. Neighbourhood and Community Standard: MSV will work with local partners to create safe and well-maintained neighbourhoods, including addressing anti-social behaviour and supporting victims of domestic abuse. 
  4. Tenancy Standard: MSV will offer fair tenancy procedures, support you in maintaining your tenancy, and provide guidance if you need to leave your home. They will also facilitate home swaps if desired. 

Tenant Satisfaction Measures (TSMs): This system allows you to assess MSV's performance in meeting the other standards. TSM results are published quarterly on the MSV website, social media, and newsletters, with clear explanations and videos. You can also access them through the MSV website or by scanning the QR code provided. 

What does this mean for you? 

These standards aim to empower you as a tenant and ensure you have a positive experience living in an MSV property. You can expect better communication, improved service delivery, and a focus on creating safe and secure communities. 

Stay Informed

For more details please visit the Consumer Standards page on our website.