Success Stories

Our Homecare and Repair agency has helped many people since it started. Here are a few success stories demonstrating the work our Homecare and repair service has carried out...

Case Study 1 - Mr G

A referral was received from the Royal British Legion regarding a man who was 89 years of age, and living in a Mobile home on a residential park in Burnley. This case was passed to Mosscare St Vincent’s, as they felt we had the knowledge and experience to deal with this case.

Mr G who is 89 years of age has lived in the residential park home for over 20 years, and had been paying out for roof repairs over this period of time, until the last contractor told him it would need a complete re-roof, and couldn’t be patched any further.

Mr G contacted Royal British Legion who sent out one of their own caseworkers initially, but they didn’t obtain enough information, so the case was sent to Mosscare St Vincent’s for one of their experienced caseworkers to deal with (who are also volunteer caseworkers for Royal British Legion).

A visit was made to Mr G, and it was ascertained, that due to his low income, and very low savings, he would be eligible for our assistance, by means of our caseworker obtaining occupational charity funding together with Royal British Legion funding.

It was an unusual case, as the Royal British Legion would normally offer a ‘Loan’ for the cost of the re-roof, as the full cost of works was over £2000.00, but as with a British legion loan, a charge would have to be made on the property, and charges cannot be taken out on mobile homes.

It was then up to the caseworker to try to obtain the full amount being £4851.23..

This amount was achieved by applying to various charities related to Mr G’s past employment, together with Royal British Legion making up the shortfall.

Specialist companies had to be sourced by the technical officers as Mosscare St Vincent’s to deal with this case, as re-roofing a mobile home requires specialist materials.  The wining contractor for Mr G’s case came from Wellingborough, Northamptonshire.

All funding was obtained and work carried out leaving our client’s  roof safe and secure for a long time to come.

Also from a result of highlighting Mr G’s plight to a charity which donated £500.00 towards the re-roof, he is now in receipt of an Annuity of £1560.00 per annum, plus £50.00 every birthday, and £80.00 in high-street vouchers and food hamper every Christmas.

Case Study 2 - Mr & Mrs P

Contacted by clients requiring assistance with costs towards the installation of a walk in shower.  The local authority were unable to offer a grant due to Mr & Mrs P  failing  the means tested application.  Mrs  P suffered from Multiple Sclerosis which was in the  advanced stages and  she was practically bedbound.  Her husband, who had heart problems himself, was finding it difficult to bath his wife and therefore a shower would make this easier and also a lot safer. Clients total savings were £4,000 and although they had a reasonable income, they had substantial costs to pay towards private carers etc.   Mr & Mrs P  were in their late 50’s, having  retired from work due to ill health.  Clients had worked in NHS hospitals for over 20 years  and we therefore approached a number of the nursing charities and also NHS Pensioners Trust.  The installation of the shower cost was £3,880 and we were fortunate enough to raise the full costs. 

Mr & Mrs P were very grateful for our assistance.  This has made their lives a lot easier and also a  lot safer with regard to bathing Mrs P.

Case Study 2 - Mrs D

Mrs D is 63 years of age and a widow having lost her husband in 2008. They had been together for 30 years and she is still struggling to come to terms with his death. She had a lot of financial problems following her husband’s death and at one time thought her property was going to be repossessed.  She therefore re-mortgaged and outstanding finances were cleared.  She is now in full control of her finances but does struggle to make ends meet. 

Her only income was her Basic State Pension.  She receives DLA lower rate care and has a car under the motability scheme.

My client struggles with arthritis and also has severe degenerative arthritis in her spine. In addition, she had a heart attack in 1997 and now has Angina.  In September 2011, She had her left knee replaced and has recovered nicely but still awaits a further operation for the right knee to be replaced.

In September 2011, Her boiler broke down and she arranged to have this repaired. She was advised by the plumber that this was a temporary repair as the boiler was too old and needed replacing. In addition, the boiler is very inefficient and did not warm the house sufficiently as the room temperatures only reached 15 degrees.  Due to her health conditions and reduced mobility, it was imperative that she kept warm.

Two estimates were obtained from reputable contractors in respect of a replacement boiler, with the lowest being £2,430.64. In view of her financial position, she is unable to fund replacing her boiler herself.

She lives in a small terraced property and has a mortgage. The value of her property is only £58,000 (properties in Pendle are some of the lowest in the country) and it was not feasible to re-mortgage to pay for the repairs. 

Mosscare St Vincent’s approached various charities who contributed to the funding. Details below:-

Foundations Independent Living Trust...... £750
Charity A................................................... £500
Charity B.................................................... £380.64
Charity C................................................... £250
Charity D................................................... £150
Charity E.................................................... £400