Right to Acquire

There may come a time when you feel you are ready to obtain ownership of your property, this is possible for some tenants under the ‘Right to Acquire’ policy.

If you live in a property that is in the Right to Acquire Scheme and you are also an eligible tenant then you can receive a discount of £9,000- £10,000 off the purchase of your home.

Who can Apply

  • You have been a tenant with us (or another Registered Provider) for 5 years
  • The property must have been built after 1st April 1997.
  • The property must be your only / main home with no shared living space.
  • You must be able to secure a mortgage and pay the legal fees for the purchase

Who can’t Apply

  • You are being made bankrupt or owe money.
  • Your property is geared for a particular type of tenant i.e. people over 60, special needs or those with physical disabilities.
  • Your property is intended to be demolished within 7 years.


You can get a discount on your property based on which Local Authority you live in. Nearly all of Mosscare St Vincent’s RTA properties are eligible for £9,000 discounts except those who live in the Manchester, Trafford and Ribble Valley areas which have a £10,000 discount.

Contact Us

For more information please contact the Development Team either via email at or by phone at 0161772 2165 to check eligibility.