Properties for the over 55's

We provide a wide-range of housing designed to specifically meet the needs of older people.

We own 60+ apartments in Bolton, Manchester, Salford, Rochdale, Longridge and Warrington for older people or those with a disability.  In some circumstances we accept people under 60 years old, so please enquire.  As well as your own front door, our independent living accommodation offers:-

  • A scheme manager
  • An appointment based repairs system which includes evenings and weekends
  • Help and advice on accessing support and benefits
  • A communal lounge and lots of activities such as bingo and coffee mornings, if you want them
  • Security and peace of mind
  • An escape from loneliness

If you'd like to live in one of over 55 properties
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Happi Homes

Mosscare St Vincent's has purpose-designed and built homes specifically for residents aged 55 and over.

Our HAPPI Homes are:

  • Spacious and Open - getting plenty of daylight and fresh air
  • Highly Energy-Efficient - using cost-efficient, renewable energies where possible
  • Adaptable and ‘Care Ready’ – with facilities built-in and lots of moving space
  • Green and Natural – using plants and trees to enhance the environment
  •  IT and Digitally connected – enabling residents to engage and stay connected with news, friends - and the rest of the world!

Important design elements include lots of easy-access car parking and storage facilities – for belongings like bicycles, mobility and other vehicles - individual balconies where possible and plenty of outdoor space, and especially the provision of shared facilities and ‘hubs’, enabling residents to join with each other when they want-to, in all kinds of social, recreational, leisure - and even sporting pursuits.