Renting a Home

There are various renting options available to you including...

Apply to rent with Mosscare St Vincent’s

If you wish to apply for a home you must apply to the relevant choice based lettings agency


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Mosscare St Vincent's does not hold a transfer list, any tenants requiring a move will have to apply through their local CBL. 

We will do management moves where there is an urgent housing need as follows:-

  • Urgent medical – backed up with evidence from medical professionals such as consultant or occupational therapist. (doctors letter will not be sufficient)
  • Threat of violence – i.e domestic abuse this is require evidence from professionals/agencies working with the individual and or Police reports.
  • Serious harassment/ASB – This will need to backed up with evidence that no other options are available to resolve the ASB

Eligibility for a management move will be as follows:-

In all cases mangement transfers will not be considered where:

  • The tenant has rent arrears.
  • The tenant owes the Mosscare St Vincent's any other debt, i.e. a recharge/ court costs
  • The tenant has not complied with the tenancy agreement in respect of maintaining the property internally, including decoration.
  • The tenant has caused nuisance within the previous 2 years.
  • The tenant has made any other significant breaches of tenancy.
  • The tenant has been in their current property less than 12 months, except in exceptional circumstances, as agreed with the neighbourhood manager/head of housing services.
  • The property is not in a ‘back to back let’ standard.

Exceptions may apply but must be referred to lettings manager / neighbourhood manager / head of housing services for consideration and approval.  In the case of sheltered schemes the sheltered housing manager will make this decision.