Help with rent for 18-21 year olds

The government has announced that it is scrapping this change. However, until the rules change, it is still possible that you could be affected.

This change may affect you if you are single, aged 18-21 (ie up to the day before your 22nd birthday) and getting Universal Credit under the ‘full’ (digital) service.

If, from 1st April 2017 onwards, you

  • make a new claim for Universal Credit (under the ‘full’ digital service), or
  • become liable to pay rent 

you may not be entitled to help towards your rent.

However, certain groups will still be able to get help with their housing costs:

  • couples
  • parents
  • certain carers
  • those who the DWP consider to be unfit for work
  • certain vulnerable people
  • young people unable to live with parents
  • working young people, earning more than 16 hours per week x the appropriate minimum wage
  • those who have been in work for 6 months or more – who can get help towards their rent for the first 6 months after leaving work.

If you already get help with your rent through Universal Credit, you are protected while there is no break in your claim or in your liability to pay rent. If you move from Housing Benefit onto Universal Credit with no break between the claims, you are protected.

NOTE: Certain 18-21 year olds who are in certain types of supported accommodation, even if claiming Universal Credit, will get help with their rent through Housing Benefit rather than through Universal Credit. This change will not affect Housing Benefit claims.

Contact us if you are concerned about this change